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General Sales Questions

How much does it cost to send text messages? TOP

Text messages from your Rangeroamer phone back to the US, or internationally, are 49 cents each regardless of where you are when you send them. Incoming text messages to your Rangeroamer phone are free. People can also send you text messages for free from our website.

Can I choose my own country code? TOP

Sorry, RangeRoamer service only comes with a US toll free number and a +372 European mobile number, which is actually based out of Estonia.

Are the phones you sell unlocked? TOP

All the phones we sell are fully unlocked gsm tri-band or quad band handsets. They will take any SIM card and work normally. Our more affordable models are tri-band, meaning it has full coverage in Europe, Asia, Australia, but partial coverage in the Americas. (The old US band, which is being phased out, is not supported.) Our Quad-band phones are world phones and will work on any GSM network (the most common worldwide network type) in any country.

What is your Return Policy?TOP

We have a 30-day money back policy. In addition to the product costs, all unused airtime is refundable during this period. Shipping is not refundable under any circumstances.

Packages containing visibly opened phones and/or 'unsnapped' SIM cards are subject to a 10% restocking fee. We issue a refund credit back to the credit card used to purchase the service.

Send returns to:
ChitChat Communications, Inc.
dba RangeRoamer
2332 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60616

Do you ship to Canada? TOP

We do ship to Canada, and the toll-free number provided as part of your Rangeroamer service (if you choose to add that feature to your account) also works from Canada. We ship Canadian packages out via USPS with the Canada CN22 customs form pre-filled electronically. Standard delivery method is US Global Priority mail - typical delivery time is 4 to 6 days. Canada shipping is $19.00

Do you provide data services? TOP

Sorry, we do not support data services while roaming at this time. Only voice services and basic text messaging is supported.

Do you provide voicemail with your service? TOP

Yes. You can activate voicemail by dialing 091 then press talk/send to activate voicemail. Once in Europe or overseas, dial 095 to call into your voicemail box and listen to your messages. There are no pins on the voicemail or the phone in general. If you are traveling between countries and you receive local messages telling you how to check voicemail, ignore them. With rangeRoamer it is always 095 to call your voicemail.

If you call your voice you will be charged airtime at the rates from the country you are in. In Europe this is generally 69 cents per minute. In the US it is $2.99 per minute, hence the recommendation to avoid checking voicemail in the US. You may deactivate voicemail at any time by dialing 090.

Can I get a discount? TOP

Airtime discounts are not available at this time.

Business accounts with more than 5 active lines are eligible for B2B pricing, which can be discussed with a sales associate.

What country code is provided? TOP

The European cell phone number is country code +372 which is classified as Estonia - Cellular. Generally this is a "middle of the pack" destination as far as US long distance to European cell phone charges go. You can of course call your current phone company to ask what rates they charge to this destination.

We also provide you with a US toll-free number tied to your account. That will allow people in the US to call you for free. (They don't pay any long distance charges of course, because it is a toll-free number.) Those calls are billed to you at 69 cents per minute.

So, if people call you on your 372 number, they pay international long distance and you receive the call on the cell phone for free in 40 countries. If people call you on your 1-800 number, you receive the calls for an additional 69 cents per minute, and the person calling you pays nothing.

Do you have service in Iraq? TOP

Our service works on Iraqnet there so yes, we do have coverage...although of course it is limited by the country's overall network size at this time.

The incoming calls in Iraq are 19 cents per minute. In addition, if you receive calls on the toll-free number then you are charged an additional 69 cents per minute. Therefore the total cost would be 88 cents per minute...not bad for Iraq.

The places where we have free incoming calls (40 countries) does not yet include Iraq, hence the 19 cents per minute incoming call charge.

The toll-free number also has a monthly line charge of $3.99 per month.

That's it for charges across the board. Taxes are not added on top of these prices. Also, shipping to APO addresses, if needed, is free.

How long will it take to receive my phone? TOP

Orders received before 3pm central time, Monday-Friday, will ship out the same day. Our free shipping takes 7 to 10 business days to arrive. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available, and the pricing and transit times is viewable here.

Do you provide Vanity numbers? TOP

As much as we'd like to help, we do not support vanity number requests.

Do you have any cheaper methods to calling Rangeroamer's European numbers? TOP

Yes. We run a calling card service called MyChitChat online that will allow you to call to Estonia cellular lines, where the RangeRoamer European lines are based, for a reasonable 29 cents per minute.

You can sign up online and the calling card can be used immediately thereafter. It is also rechargeable if you need to add more minutes.

The highlights of MyChitChat are:
  1. no pin required
  2. no fees, connection charges, etc.
  3. recharges via website applied instantly.
  4. itemized call records, etc.

We have also heard that people using Costco calling cards have had good success. Skype, the VOIP software, also works well to +372 phone numbers.

If I don't use all of my minutes, how long will the card be valid? TOP

The minutes and number will carry over perpetually if you place 1 phone call at least every 9 months. The service has inbound and outbound calling capability within the US/Canada as well, so you can place one call if your travels do not have you using it for an extended period of time and thereby maintain your account validity.

If you pass 9 months of non-use, then the airtime on the card will be lost, but the sim card will remain active for another 15 months. If there is no use after that 15 months, then the phone number will be disconnected.

You offer phone rentals, but do I have to pay for the rental time used up during shipping transit time? TOP

The rental ends the day you drop the package in a US mailbox. Therefore, it ends before we receive it, but after your last day of your overseas trip.

What if I don't want the toll free number you provide? TOP

You can remove the toll-free number from your account at any time to avoid the $3.99 monthly charge. To remove it, you can log in to your account online and click the "remove toll-free number" link. You can also just email us to request that we remove it.

Your first month of toll-free service does not incur any charge, as you know.

You can add a toll-free number back to your account prior to your next trip; however, the number issued will be a different toll-free number than the first one you received months before.

You said this was a callback service: can you explain what that is? TOP

When you place an outbound call, your phone will actually call you back first. This is a fully automated process that takes about 5 seconds. During that time, you will see the words "wait for call" or "Call has been modified" on your screen. When the phone rings, just answer it normally and you will hear a voice recording of how many minutes you have remaining, after which it will connect your call.

You provide a toll free number, but is it really free? TOP

After the first 30 days, the US toll-free number incurs a $3.99 per month line charge. This charge covers the cost of our keeping the number in your name and not allocating it to someone else. You can remove the toll-free line at any time and add back another toll-free number later, such as before your next trip for example. You will not be assigned the same toll-free number as the original one.

Calls originating on the toll free number incur a per minute charge of 69 cents per minute, and this is billed to the RangeRoamer phone/account itself. The person calling you gets to call you for free, but you pay. This 69 cents per minute is separate from any incoming call charges on the RangeRoamer phone itself, which is based on where you are located when you receive the call. In many countries there are no incoming call charges so your total cost is 69 cents per minute. In other cases, such as Italy for example, there is a 15 cent incoming call cost, so the total charge would be 15 + 69 = 84 cents per minute.

Can I add airtime to my phone without using the website? TOP

Yes. To add airtime by phone:
  1. go to the TravelSIM menu on your phone (usually found under "extras" or office tools.)
  2. go to add credit.
  3. enter the last four digits of your credit card that you purchased the Rangeroamer service with, then a * , and then the amount. So for example, if I used credit card ending in 2222, I would enter: 2222*25 and this would recharge $25 to my account.

It costs a lot with my carrier to send text messages overseas! Is there any other way to send text to my RangeRoamer phone? TOP

Using this link, you can text a RangeRoamer customer for free all day long while you are overseas.

In the "to" number, they enter your Rangeroamer phone number like so: 37253xxxxxx then they write you a note, not too long because it will be sent to you as a text message. It takes a few seconds to get to you if the phone is on. If it is off, your message will be held for 4 to 24 hours, depending on what country you are in. If the phone is turned on during that time, the message will then appear. Otherwise, it will just be lost.

Since I need an unlocked phone, can you unlock my phone for me? TOP

Unfortunately we do not support helping people unlock their phones because it not something in our control and our policy is to not get involved in it.

You have a couple of choices:
  1. you can rent a phone from us for $39 for the first week and then $8 for each additional week. Shipping within the US is free with 5 days door-to-door delivery. You can receive it more quickly for an additional charge.
  2. you can search online to find a place to unlock your phone.
  3. you can buy/borrow an unlocked phone overseas. We can send you a list of phones and models that we know work. You could pick one up for about a hundred bucks, or maybe less if you get a good cell phone shop that is out to help you. Basically any Siemens model will be ok. (They are very popular in Europe.) Any other type of phone, we should send you the phone list to make sure it is on it.

Cell Phone Rental Questions

How much does it cost to rent a RangeRoamer cell phone? TOP

First week is $39, then each additional week is $8 per week.

Weeks begin on the day you want the phone to be at your door. The rental ends the day you intend to drop the return pak back into a US mailbox.

If you click "add to cart" on the rental package, it will take you to a page that will request the dates you want to rent from/to, after which it will tell you what your quoted price would be.

Airtime can be added in any increment from $20 to $500 on the rentals. You can also set up an automatic-top-up feature which will keep charging your credit card and adding minutes to your account whenever the balance falls below $10.

I want to make sure it works before I leave, when is my rental phone activated? TOP

Our rental phones are active as soon as they ship from our offices. You can test it in the US before you leave. Just call your home with it, and vice versa. Do not answer the calls as they will bill you $2.99 per minute.

Do you offer insurance on your rental phones? TOP

We do not offer insurance regarding loss. In case of loss, we would have to charge you the retail price of the phone, which is $99, less the rental fees paid during that rental period. In the case of a two week rental for example, for a phone that is not returned, we would charge you $99 minus $47, or $52. If you have also lost the SIM card, charger, or other items, we will charge you the retail price for these items as well.

How do I send back my rental phone? TOP

We provide you with a prepaid return envelope that can be dropped in any US mailbox. Please put all the rental items in a bubble mailer and send back to:

ChitChat Communications, Inc.
dba RangeRoamer
2332 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60616

The items to return will be:
  1. cell phone & battery
  2. cell phone charger
  3. Kensington Adapter
  4. userguides/booklets if you still have them.

If I have left over time on the prepaid SIM from my rental, can I get that money back? TOP

Our policy is "use it or lose it." Whatever is left on the phone after the rental does not get put back on your credit card, this is a prepay service, and as such, we recommend that you use it to the best of your ability.

How do I... ?

How would I call my international number from the US? TOP

The correct number to dial from the US is 011-372 53xx xxxx

You do not need to dial the local country codes or any other numbers in order to connect.

How would I call my phone from an European phone? TOP

The correct number to dial from most international locations is: 00372 53xx xxxx or +372 53xx xxxx (some phones have a plus sign which can be used instead of 00).

Some countries do not follow the above rules. For a list of these, and how to dial properly from those locations, please see this link.

I cannot find my RangeRoamer menu on ____ phone, where is it? TOP

If you cannot find the special menu, then it is probably buried under another submenu on your phone. This often happens when using a Cingular or T-mobile branded phone. Common locations would be under "office", "extras", "Media", or "setup". If you give us the exact phone model we can try to help you out further. It is definitely in there somewhere, just a matter of finding it.

How can I make sure the text messaging works? TOP

For SMS messaging, please test from our website first using the "send free sms" link. If that works, then you can receive SMSs on your phone but you need to actually be sending the text messages to the SMS number which is listed on your Rangeroamer SIM card (on the sticker itself.) The SMS number is actually different from your phone number; it is written on the actual SIM card we send you. Text messages sent from our website sent will automatically send the messages to the right place, but if sending from another handset, you need to send to the SMS number on the SIM card.

My phone says "Access Denied" why is this? TOP

This error will occur if your Rangeroamer account is out of airtime. You need to add more funds to re-activate your phone. Turning on our auto-recharge feature will also deter this problem from occurring since you cannot run out of money with this feature turned on.

I'm not receiving service on my phone when I tried to test it: How do I know it will work? TOP

It is somewhat common, if you are in a non-urban area, to be out of coverage area for testing purposes on this phone in the US. We roam on TMobile and Cingular in the US, but some of the phones we sell only operate on one of the two bands used in the United States. (They have all the bands needed for Europe and Asia though.) Therefore, you will find parts of the country where you cannot connect to either Tmobile or Cingular on the 1900 mhz band that your phone supports.

Once you get to the airport, you will have full coverage to be sure.

Is there any way to see if there's a better network in the country I'm traveling in? TOP

If you have one of our Siemens phones, here is how to choose a different network: The following options are usually under "settings --> network settings -->select network." On Motorola phones this can be found under "initial setup." On Nokias and other models, it is generally under "Settings" although this varies by phone.

The settings should be:
  • Set bands to 900/1800 gsm
  • Set network selection to manual
  • select a different network from the list than the one you are on. For example, if you are in Italy and roaming on Vodaphone, you could switch your phone to TIM which is the other cell phone carrier with which we roam in that area.

How would I change the network bands that my phone is using?TOP TOP

The following options are usually under "network settings." On Motorola phones this can be found under "initial setup." On Nokias and other models, it is generally under "Settings" although this varies by phone.

The settings should be:
  • Set bands to 900/1800 gsm
  • Set network selection to automatic
  • set network selection speed to fast

Other than this, we can't assist with phones we haven't sold. As we may have little experience with that specific phone.