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RangeRoamer About Us:

Wherever you may travel, today or in the future, RangeRoamer's innovative and easy to use international cell phone service has you covered. Our goal is to empower you, the international traveler, with ways to share your experiences and get your business done no matter where you set foot.

RangeRoamer is a division of ChitChat Communications, an Illinois registered corporation since 2003. Our original line of business was international calling cards with no hidden fees. After hearing repeatedly about customers' difficulties with making phone calls from outside the US, we set out to develop the ultimate international cell phone roaming plan. Born out of two years of internal development, alliance-building, and testing (free traveling!), RangeRoamer is the culmination of this effort.

Vital Stats:

  • Provider of international cell phone roaming plans
  • Processed over 1.4 million calls through our calling card and roaming plans since 2003.
  • Roaming alliances providing coverage in 142 countries
  • Unique ability to bill multiple phone numbers (US toll-free and European phone number) to the same prepaid roaming cell phone account.
  • Based in downtown Chicago, IL

Proud Member of:

BBBOnline Reliability Program
Better Business Bureau of Chicago- 2004, 2005, 2006
Microsoft Partner Program

Microsoft Partner Program - 2005, 2006

What the Press has been saying:

PC Magazine: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars "Very Good"

PC Magazine Review of RangeRoamer Service

Who are they?:

PC Magazine, "the most important technology publication in the world, delivers labs-based comparative reviews of computing and Internet products to more than 6.6 million highly engaged technology buyers."

All in all, rangeRoamer's a great choice for the world traveler looking to save some money on international calls and, thanks to the 800 number, a nice convenience for friends, family, and coworkers who want to reach you on the road without having to dial international numbers at international rates.

- PC Magazine

The Clark Howard Show:

Airing daily on more than 150 radio stations nationwide, the Clark Howard Show is a nationally syndicated consumer advocate program serving up money saving tips on a variety of consumer matters."

Do you remember when it cost money to use your cell phone to call out of town? It's been a while, but it happened. Today, the dilemma is calling overseas on cell phones or using a cell phone in a foreign country. It is possible, though, with what's called a "World Phone." The calls can end up being $6 a minute, not to mention the charge just to make or receive a call. There are ways around this, though, including acquiring a foreign number. And what if you're traveling from country to country? You have to get a chip for each country. But there is a new service out there called "Range Roamer," which allows people to use one number in multiple countries. Calling back to the States is about 69 cents a minute. That's not as good as getting a chip for each country. But it's much easier. It costs $49 to get set up and you get a batch of minutes with that. So, it's worth a try.

- The Clark Howard Show

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