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Puerto Rico Cell Phones & SIM cards

Low-cost Puerto Rico cell phone service.

rangeRoamer provides short-term cell phone service for international travelers.
Buy, Rent, or use your own cell phone in Puerto Rico.

Cellular Service information for short-term travel to Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Cell Phones & SIM cards

GSM Roaming

Roaming in Puerto Rico

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, taking a cell phone solution that works in San Juan or any of the other areas you are visiting will provide you with peace of mind and smoother overall travel experience. Shipped directly to your door prior to your dep

free itemized billing


Free Itemized Billing

View all the details of your purchases, phone call records, expenses. Perfect for business expense reporting, or just for checking the accuracy of your service costs.

network selection

One Time Cost

Postpaid or prepaid options - you choose.

rangeRoamer is unique in that you can select whether you want a prepaid sim card or a postpaid sim card. Convenience, budget, or both - up to you. Switch back and forth whenever you want, too.


Budget Limit Rules

Set a maximum allowance on your account per month. We'll alert you once you've reached 80% of your budget, and we will cut off your line once the 100% mark is reached, if you so choose in advance.

network selection


Auto-Recharge Rules

Automatically buy more prepaid airtime for your phone through an automated rule setup. For example, "buy $25 of airtime whenever my balance falls below $10," and our system will make sure you always have prepaid airtime available to you.


Extra Cost

Data Service

Check your email or quickly look up a flight time. Data service is turned off by default but you can request activation by email. View international data roaming costs.

network selection


Roaming Partners for Puerto Rico

The rangeRoamer solution will AUTOMATICALLY find and connect to the strongest cellular network available in Puerto Rico. There is nothing special you need to do, and if you travel to other countries during your trip, RangeRoamer will continue to switch to that country's networks atuomatically. If you prefer, you can also manually select the network of your choice through your phone and you will always pay the same RangeRoamer rates for that country. For a more comprehensive review please visit the interactive gsm coverage maps.

Cellular CarrierGSM BandsCoverage Map
AT&T Wireless Group (AT&T)GSM 1900
Cingular Wireless (Cingular Wireless)GSM 1900



Unlocked cell phones

You will need an unlocked GSM cell phone supporting the above mentioned frequency so that you can connect to the network in Puerto Rico. These phones are not forced to only use a single network, and this is to your benefit especially when traveling internationally.

phone numbers

Extra Cost

Phone numbers

You can pick a US number, a UK number, or an Estonia number. People reach you directly at the numbers you choose. There are no special pins or access codes. This is a direct dial service to receive calls.

More countries coming soon.

network selection


Free Business Cards

You'll receive pre-printed business cards with your name and phone number(s) printed on them. Easy to give your numbers out to people.


Simple Pricing Plans

Roaming can be complicated. Since 2003, ChitChat Communications (parent company of rangeRoamer) has always espoused a "no hidden fees" approach to selling. All rate plans have straight-forward all inclusive pricing. There are no surcharges, differences between calling cell phones vs. landlines, initiation charges, line connect fees, surtaxes, or any other 'gotchas.' Per FCC regulations, federal taxes do apply on your calls placed while in the United states, currently charged at a cumulative 12.9%. This only applies to calls made while in the USA.

Roaming Rates in Puerto Rico

View Rates Details

Incoming Calls Within Puerto Rico Calls from Puerto Rico to USA TollFree Text Messaging
$1.99/minute $1.99/minute $1.99/minute $0.69/minute surcharge In Free, Outbound $0.49
View Rate Details

Customer Trip Reports

We share this information to help you determine if service is up to your expectations.

Testimonials From Travelers

Rangeroamer's international cell phone services have received positive independent reviews from experts as well as travelers like you. Here is what they had to say about the performance of RangeRoamer while in :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own phone?

If your phone is the right kind, why buy another one, right? You can use your own phone if it meets the following specs...

  • Uses GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, purchased abroad, etc.)
  • world-capable (quad-band, or dual band international)
  • "unlocked" to accept any sim card from any carrier.

Review our phone compatibility chart to see if your phone is compatible.

GSM phones have a SIM card slot, shown above, which lets you put the rangeRoamer sim card in it.

All phones from AT&T and T-Mobile have this slot, but only 4% of phones from Verizon or Sprint do.

How will I be billed?


During checkout, you’ll choose how you want to pay for your usage of airtime while traveling.

  • PREPAID: Pay for minutes in advance, so you know your exact costs as you go.
  • BILL ME LATER: Use as much or little as you want, then we send you a bill by email.

The choice you make is purely a matter of preference. Prepaid lets you budget yourself better, but postpaid lets you avoid having to worry about buying minutes. It’s up to you, and you can change your choice at no charge anytime.

How will people call me?

how will people call me?

rangeRoamer allows you to customize your service so you have the right kind of phone numbers based on your needs.

US Number: You automatically get one of these. It’s toll-free, rings right to your phone, and anyone from the States can call it without hassle. No international dialing required. Pretty neat, huh!

UK Number: You get one of these too. You also receive free incoming calls in 40 countries when called on this.

Local Number in countries of your choice: For an additional charge, you can also pick a local number in different countries. Perfect if you want to appear local wherever you travel!

Where does it work?

how will people call me?

rangeRoamer works in 163 countries and counting. More countries are added all the time. The goal is to let you keep re-using the service no matter where your itineraries take you. You can use it in multiple countries.

Review our rates & coverage page to confirm that service is offered in your countries of travel.

How much is it?

how much is it?

Pricing ranges from $39 to $399 depending on what you pick. More importantly, your per minute rates will be significantly lower than AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and other major providers, often times adding up to $200+ dollars in savings per trip!

Are there any ongoing fees?

No. Because there is no contract, there are no ongoing fees in any of our basic consumer packages. If you use the service, you pay. If you don’t use the service, you don’t get billed. So, you can leave your SIM card in a drawer between trips without worrying about ongoing charges.

How fast can I get it?

Free Fedex ground shipping takes 2 to 4 days. Orders received by 3pm CST on business days ship the same day. Refer to this table for express shipping costs:

Shipping Option Cost Time Can I Track My Package?
fedex Fedex Ground FREE 2 to 4 business days, not guaranteed Yes
Fedex 3 Day Air $10.00 3 days, guaranteed Yes
Fedex 2 Day Air $19.00 2 days, guaranteed Yes
Fedex Next Day AM $39.00 Delivered by 10:30AM next business day Yes
usps US Postal Global Priority $19 4 to 6 days international No

Who are you guys, anyway?

rangeRoamer is a division of ChitChat Communications, Inc., which hatched in the Northwestern University Business Incubator program in 2003. Originally a classic dotcom start-up, ChitChat went from hatchling to grown-up in 2007, when it moved to its current downtown Chicago location.

Some current company stats

  • 7th year in business
  • holds a valid FCC Telecommunications license issued by the US government, section 214
  • over 25,000 customers served, many of whom are repeat users.

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More about the company

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