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Small businesses perhaps have the most to benefit from RangeRoamer international roaming solutions. With international roaming costs currently ranging in the $0.99 to $5.99 per minute range with the big-5 cell phone carriers, ordering a stock of RangeRoamer global roaming cell phones to keep on hand for your heavy international travelers makes perfect sense.

What do small businesses care about and how does RangeRoamer achieve their goals?

What matters The Problem The Solution
Reducing communication roaming rates International Roaming bills easily range from $600 to $3500 per short-term international trip Reduce roaming bills by at least 35%, and up to 80%, dependin on which countries you visit. FREE roaming in 36 countries, others at much lower rates.
Reducing hardware and capital costs All but 2 of the main cellular carriers require expensive international phones to even enable true seamless roaming in Europe/Asia. Most also require contract extensions to receive any phone discounting. RangeRoamer phones range from $100 to $350 per unit.
Maintaining a single point of contact with the roaming user Employee might have an office line/cell line/ and a home office phone, all receiving important calls while he/she is away RangeRoamer call forwarding services, bundled with our small business accounts, enable all calls from multiple phone lines to be forwarded to the RangeRoamer phone for a reasonable per minute rate.
Keeping tabs on spending and expense reporting You have to wait until the end of the month to get your cell phone bill and realize that a roaming employee isn't doing things right and costing you an arm-and-a-leg! RangeRoamer's call reporting system, accessible via an easy web-based portal, allows you to view calls in, calls out, call costs, with less than a 24 reporting delay.
Billing Clients for Communication costs incurred in our servicing them. How do you take a paper-bill from your cell phone carrier and figure out which calls were due to which client? Online billing reports, exportable to Excel, let you quickly calculate who owes what.

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